I produce work from my studio at home, close to Canterbury in Kent.

The following is an excerpt from a recent review of my work, written by art critic Tim Vallings

'Gary Taylorís paintings are a combination of static reminiscent awe and a wonderfully dynamic yet easy attitude to the life we all lead . When considering his portrait work, he tends to focus on the generation he is seeing coming up behind him; the movement of children walking along a beach or swimming in the sea; the romance of a young couple embracing all capture the innocence of a generation with so much to look forward to. The dynamic strokes capture a sense of life and optimism.
By contrast, his still life looks to the past and explores his architectural fascination with sculpture, a homage to the good and great of times gone by. Le Sacre Coeur in Paris and the upcoming Sagrada Familia Ė Gaudiís unfinished creation in Barcelona which he has already bequeathed to a private collector.
It is the combination of these two parallel approaches which enable any visitor the opportunity to spend time with the artist and his way of articulating how inspiring we are as a creative force, the importance of enjoying the moment and how exciting it is to look upon the future as an untapped resource the best of which is yet to come.'